Discover The Facts of Organ Transplant in China

1. A Comprehensive Research About
The Organ Transplant Industry In China

How Fast Does China’s Organ Transplant Industry Have Been Growing Since The Year Of 2000?
And Why? This Video Shows You The Whole Picture.

Medical Genocide: Hidden Mass Murder in China’s Organ Transplant Industry
from China Organ Harvest Research Center on Vimeo.
For more details about human organ transplant in China,
please go to to check out the latest research on this issue.

2. Draft Interim Judgement and Closing Statement
by Sir Geoffrey Nice – Dec 10, 2018

3. BBC BBC World News Report

4. Organ Transplant Tourism To China Investigation

How Does Human Organ Transplant Tourism To China Exactly Look Like?
How Much Do You Pay For A Liver Transplant, A Kidney Transplant, A Heart Transplant, etc.?
How Long You Need To Wait?
Here Is An On-site Recording Done by South Korean TV Chosun.
Dig Out The Truth Then Make Your Own Decision On Conscience.